Assembled Fantasy
2008 / steel, aluminium, stainless steel, speaker, power amplifier, oscillator & multi mode filter module
/ 25(h)x111x32 cm
The concept of fantasy is based on the assumption that humans ceaselessly seek for new desire. ‘Assembled Fantasy' is a piece of sculpture that assembles fantasy. It is composed of 150 parts that can be fully assembled or disassembled. The assembled work makes sounds as long as it remains plugged in 220v outlet, and assembles fantasy by rotating three oscillator modules (producing sounds with electricity alone) and three multi mode filter module(making the variation of sounds created by oscillators). Unlike other artworks of a quiet propagation, it uses sounds to emphasize the destructive image of human desire.
Performance with 'Assembled Fantasy'
    <minimize to MAXIMIZE>, 2009
    <Continuum>, 2009
    <Industrial Music Performance>, 2008
    <Flower Fire>, 2008

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